Baseus H1 headphones reset

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If you happen to acquire one of these headphones as a spare (there is no other reason to acquire these poor-quality headphones), you might encounter one of the following problems:

  • Only one ear is playing sound.
  • One ear is playing sound from one device, while the other is playing from another (sounds crazy, but that’s the reality; you can hear YouTube from one ear and a podcast from the other if your brain can handle it).

To fix this behavior, you need to reset the headphones. My pair of these headphones ended up somewhere on a shelf, and occasionally I came across them wondering how to fix them because it’s obviously a software problem, and there must be a way to perform a hard reset.

The Solution:

  1. Connect the USB-C power cable.
    • Ensure that it is charging, indicated by a steady red LED light.
  2. Rapidly press the three-dotted button five times.
    • Make sure that the LED switches to a steady white light.

DONE. After this reset, the headphones will work normally.

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