This blog is about programming, internet, computer science and modern technologies. Some records made in English. If you’re interested in translation message me.

What about me ?

I am full-stack developer with 15+ years experience in software development.

  • Today: AI/ML, Rust, Blockchain
  • Tomorrow: Quantum, IoT
  • Always: PHP, Ruby, Python, C

  • Experienced in modern system architectures and development
  • Fluent with linux automation
  • Security researcher


  • RemotersClub - Community site/aggregator for people who working remote, digital nomads

  • Teamsport - Welcome to TeamSport β, your ultimate platform for physical activities, including a detailed directory of local gyms complete with user reviews. Dive into a thriving community where you can organize, join, and enjoy a variety of sports and fitness routines.

  • CyberAlmanac - News aggregator from different sources by topics.

  • CatWatchDog - Software development / Expert project management / Fraction CTO business.

  • Jekyll Email Comments - Comments engine based on email for Jekyll.

  • 📷 I do photography, you can check it out Here 📷


I use email primarily email

Use GPG to read signed message from Me

 curl -sL http://falsetrue.io/pgp.key.txt | gpg --import 


ETH: 0x01596bd5a9cF4B1c8f77f08E338a599c4f10AfFD


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