Dmitry Rodichev

fullstack software developer · Open source contributor · Security Researcher

Full stack software developer and architect Do design for HA/FT solutions for web Do software security, pentesting, DDoS and hacking mitigation Love databases, analytics and networks Blockchain included.
Today: Rust, Blockchain Tomorrow: ML, Quantum, IoT. Always: PHP, Ruby, Python, C, Node.



I wrote a lot of code during my more than 15 years of experience with computers. So I became a full stack developer. I worked a lot with php, python, ruby, javascript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, all of this under various operating systems from Linux to Solaris. They are tools. Some tools are more state of art, than others, but there are no "holywars" inbetween for me. Each language has its own purpose and situation to apply. So I don't blame tech, I blame people. Thus those who wrote software has to carry responsibility, but do not forget what Rich Hickey said, - "Open Source is Not About You".

Also I had a plenty of team management experience, some info spitted in a section below. Familiar with various methodologies and tools, but this doesn't stay in a first place sometimes when you touch human behaviour.

Programming Languages & Tools

This icons mostly not for honoring my self, but to show that they are awesome isn't it ? Yes because it is literally font-awesome icons set.

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Hire & do business

What is this ?

I do business as software developer, project manager, IT consultant.

Why ?

Few reasons, - you don't know what you want to do, you know what to do but don't know how, you know what to do but have enough. Long story short, - software development, technical project management, consluting. You need to build up new team for your project.

"How much is the fish ?"

It depends, each tasks has its own estimation of price and time, so for each project we define prices by amount and difficulty of work. Feel free to message me out.

With Whom I worked with

NN.RU, Intel, MMVB, Roem.

You can add me on linkedin or drop me a message via email