05 Oct 2023

EP9 FalseTrue Digest

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Tags #linux

Welcome to EP-9 of FalseTrue Digest, - newsletter or journal, or maybe even e-zine, but right now let’s stick to the name digest. I’ll write weekly based summaries about software development, programming world and software itself.


He has blood cancer, and he has already cut his beard and hair off. Let’s wish health and freedom to the legend RMS. 🙏🏼

A nearly hairless Stallman pulls down his mask briefly to reveal that his beard has gone, too. Richard Stallman without hair and beard due to cancer treatment

Fully recognize that TypeScript offers some people some advantages, but to my eyes, the benefits are evident in this PR. The code not only reads much better, it’s also freed of the type wrangling and gymnastics needed to please the TS compiler. // DHH

Bun is a new JavaScript runtime written in Zig, a new system language. It’s extremely fast, and beats any other runtime. Despite it existing for years, it only became known in this September.

Signal said that it goes to Post Quantum Extended Diffie-Hellman (PQXDH).



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