20 Jun 2023

EP6 FalseTrue Digest

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Welcome to EP-6 of FalseTrue Digest, - newsletter or journal, or maybe even e-zine, but right now let’s stick to the name digest. I’ll write weekly based summaries about software development, programming world and software itself.


I'd like to mention the game BattleBit because it demonstrates how a small team can shake up the game industry titans. Many of you may remember Battlefield, one of the first massively popular online shooters with diverse game mechanics. It was the golden age of classic online gaming. However, Electronic Arts has progressively made the game worse over time. Then 2023 arrived, and the BattleBit team created something simple yet remarkable: low-poly graphics and classic Battlefield mechanics with vehicles and various game modes. This success has earned them recognition within the gaming community, even in its early access stage. In fact, many consider it the best early access launch ever, thanks to the absence of critical bugs.

Let me know in the comments, are you’re playing games or not anymore ?

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