PiHole + dnscrypt-proxy = internet sewage filter

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Modern Internet is bloated. But it is possible to make it less bloated. You have to install those programs:

  • PiHole - will be your dns manager with black and white lists;
  • dnscrypt-proxy - will be your safe dnsscrypt proxy to encrypted dns servers;

Setup suitable for GNU/Linux and MacOS

Installing PiHole

  • Run curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash

Installing dnscrypt-proxy

Follow this https://github.com/dnscrypt/dnscrypt-proxy/wiki/Installation-linux

After that you have to say to PiHole to use your dnscrypt-proxy

  • Setup your DNS server to the address which you’re install PiHole
  • Go To https://pi.hole (only resolves if you’re setup your dns IP properly)
  • Settings -> DNS (Tab) -> Upstream DSN Servers uncheck everything here
  • Settings -> DNS (Tab) -> Upstream DNS Servers -> Custom 1, put here your dnsscrypt-proxy address#port string

Next, goto to your current computer and other devices network connection settings, and set DNS to your pi.hole IP address, ( if you did it locally).

Done. You’re now using much safer and less bloated internet.


  • Your daily dns traffic will be cleaner from 10% to 25%

  • Very rare some sites or rich web applications may not working, be aware of that.

  • Better to install it on seprate raspberry-pi.

Your daily status will look like this (20%! percent of garbage)

Pi-hole daily example

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Andrey Makarov - Wed, 10 Jun 2020 18:29:26 +0400

Great article! Thx