01 May 2023

EP1 FalseTrue Digest

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Welcome to first episode of FalseTrue Digest, - newsletter or journal, or maybe even e-zine, but right now let’s stick to the name digest. I’ll write weekly based summaries about software development, programming world and software itself.


Repositories and projects

How-to’s and guides

Weekly Linux Desktop

Mentions and utils

I’ll be mention here some frequently used program which you’re using everyday and software person who wrote it in the section, lets start straight forward with


is most freqently used command to get list of files guess who wrote it ?

Yes, its Richard Stallman and David MacKenzie, you can check it here http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/coreutils.git/tree/src/ls.c?h=v9.3

/* Written by Richard Stallman and David MacKenzie.  */

Richard Stallman Richard Stallman

David MacKenzie David MacKenzie

Authors note

This format will be like this,

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