ActivityWatch - open source time tracker

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Recently taken a look on this project for automated timetracking based on window titles. There are a lot of solutions for MacOS, and maybe Windows, but since then there was no good solution for Linux, and here it is, fully cross platform project called ActivityWatch


  • Tracking: Tracks active application and window title out of the box, more with watchers.
  • Categories: Get a better overview of your usage by breaking it down into categories.
  • Browser extensions: Track the active tab using the extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Editor plugins: Track how you spend time writing code with editor watchers.
  • Privacy: Data is stored locally and doesn’t leave your device, we put local and privacy first.
  • Cross-platform: Runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.
  • Synchronization: Sync your activity between your devices. (In Progress)


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