03 Mar 2023

Teams vs Slack

Category tools

Slack has become the industry standard for modern developers’ communities, but Microsoft Teams has emerged as a challenger. However, what exactly does Teams offer, and why is it considered inferior?

The main reason is that Teams did not commit to conducting research on what is needed to facilitate effective communication in a rapidly growing environment. This lack of attention to detail is evident in certain elements of the interface.

Let’s start with the roster, which is a list of available chat entities and users. In Slack, it is streamlined and designed with use cases in mind, while in Teams, it is merely a simulacrum.

For instance:

So why is Teams inferior to Slack? The main reason is that Teams has not invested enough in conducting research and designing an interface that is user-friendly and efficient. Slack, on the other hand, has a well-designed interface that is tailored to the needs of developers, making it the preferred choice in the industry.

Although I am not an advocate for Slack, I believe that Teams is a subpar platform that is not yet ready for production use. While it has many integrations and functionalities, it appears as though they were simply created to imitate Slack and give the impression that “Yes, we have that too.”